About Us

It is our mission to offer our clientele a significant return on their investment.  EBS/EBA seek to establish an extensive and profitable partnership by collectively committing to the idea of professional responsibility, confidentiality and creative thought for the good of the client.  EBS/EBA believes that by performing our services at the highest professional standard, fused with expertise, professionalism, accuracy, and access to endless sources of information & research, we can successfully serve each individual client in all manners with trust, respect, and integrity.

Who We Are

EBS is a full-service business development group and general management consulting firm focused on small and medium-size privately-held companies in North America.

Elite Business Solutions, Inc. /Elite Business Analysis (EBS/EBA) and its affiliated partners have been a fast-growing management consulting entity for small and medium-sized businesses over the past decade, providing ambitious, profit-seeking entrepreneurs with over one billion dollars in consulting services. EBS provides solution-oriented guidance and direction to business owners by equipping them with tools to improve the productivity and profitability of their business.
EBS recognizes the importance of profit within the larger scope of client's. Turning a profit is no longer just turning a profit. It is crucial to the longevity, growth, and integrity that our client's company name bears. From employee payroll to offering a market-driven product or service to providing a return to shareholders, profit affects aspects of business that many of the well-educated, highly-organized entrepreneurs might even overlook.

EBS provides solid results through research, trouble-shooting and profitable solutions by tailoring our services to meet our client's company with industry-specific standards of business, operations and management. Our EBS staff regularly participates in conferences and seminars to improve, refine, and build on our existing repertoire of case studies, information, techniques, and applications. All projects are documented and serve as a resource library for comparative analysis and review for future projects.

Our executive staff has analyzed numerous businesses and provided services to owners of small to medium-sized businesses. Significant investment in personnel, training, and technology enable us to provide consulting services in a cost effective manner.

EBS/EBA has successfully extended our services to a wide range of small to medium sized businesses in every kind of business sector. A company's investment in selecting experienced, professional personnel, appropriate training facilities & procedures and current technology has enabled EBS to deliver the highest caliber of consulting services to our clients in an independently objective, cost-effective manner.

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